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SAI NGO - Bombay

Kamathipura is the oldest and second largest red light district in Asia, fourteen streets interweave the physiognomy of one of the largest brothels in the world.

Life within the red zone is difficult, poverty, drug addiction, gambling, alcohol and gender violence are a daily reality. These women live on the edge of society, are people who are barely seen and ignored. It is estimated that 40% of Indian sex workers are HIV +.

A serious problem is the children of prostitutes, who have been marginalized since childhood. In the case of girls, a likely future is to follow in the footsteps of the mother and become a sex worker, as girls reach adolescence, the risks of exploitation increase; And children destined to be in the sex trade, pimping, drug trafficking and trafficking. Others are not accepted by the mother and become orphans.

Vicente Ferrer Fundation

The objective of removing as many people as possible from poverty through sustainable development, ie conservation agriculture, microcredit, water supply, health care and rural education.

The Foundation, through mostly donations in the form of sponsorship (with some 150,000 sponsored children), employs almost 2400 people, manages five hospitals, one specializing in AIDS patients and more than a thousand schools, including one for blind children, one Deaf children, one for children with Down syndrome and one for children with disabilities of all kinds, reaching two and a half million people, most of them Dalit (the untouchables, the last caste) in more than 2000 municipalities. Indian state where it has its headquarters.

Global March - NGO

Global March Agains Child Labor mobilizes international efforts to protect and promote the rights of all children, the right to receive a free and meaningful education and the right to be free from economic exploitation and against the performance of any work that may be harmful For their physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

Stop Acid Attack - NGO

Attacks with acid are a form of violent aggression with the intention of disfiguring, mutilating, torturing or killing the person. The most common types of acid in these attacks are sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, the latter easily accessible as a cleaning agent in many countries. Aggressors often throw acid into the face of their victims, causing serious injury by melting the skin and exposing the bones, victims are usually psychologically traumatized for life, suffer from family and social isolation, and their economic status is affected by disabilities Produced by the attack and the economic losses derived from long medical-surgical treatments and judicial processes.

Fundación Pequeños Pasos

Pequeños Pasos is a Civil Association that, since 2007, works to respond to the complex problem of social exclusion, addressing it from different areas: Education, Health, Nutrition, Labor and Integration.