The transport of the floating village

The inhabitants of the lake are transported in small rowing boats, the distances are short and they can move freely by small channels or streets between the neighboring houses.

The floating village of Kompong Luong is located on Lake Tonle Sap in Cambodia. It is a floating village inhabited by about a thousand families, especially the Cham ethnic group, and Vietnamese families, emigrated years ago due to the war with the United States.


The village is built on old ships, it covers all the needs of the population, there are mechanics, warehouses, police, neighborhood commune, party halls, gas station, schools, church, pagoda, sawmill even a bar with pool tables. Despite living in the middle of a lake, in the village you can find dogs, cats, hens, crocodile breeding grounds and pigs.


The life that is carried on the lake, is simple and quiet, people who inhabit it are very humble people living in small boats wooden houses, the village is constantly changing, depending on the depth of the water, rotan houses Of place, move, whether driven by another boat or moved by relatives with a few long sticks.

The transport of the floating village

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